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True Stories

What happens when a young woman finds out that she is pregnant with an unplanned child and has no idea what to do next? Here are the stories of two young women who found themselves in just such a situation.

Ebony’s Story – “From Questions to Confidence”

She came in to the office with her mother. Although she was engaged to be married, finding herself pregnant for the first time was very distressing for the nineteen year old. Ebony* had questions about pregnancy, medical care, marriage, family, as well as spiritual matters and some material needs. Because The Next STEPP Center was here to help her find the answers to her questions, she chose life for her baby.

Over the months Ebony became more knowledgeable and confident about her pregnancy. During her time with us she accepted Christ as her personal savior, decided to marry before the birth of her child and learned as much about parenting as possible.

The Center was also able to help her with items she would need for the baby and information on breastfeeding and infant care. Ebony was a faithful participant in our programs and by the grace of God has a beautiful healthy baby girl. She is happily married and looking forward to a great future with her new family.

Ronnie’s Story - “Babies Don’t Come Tomorrow”

There was no way Ronnie* could deal with another pregnancy at this point in her life. She’d just had a baby four months ago and the thought of another child so soon seemed to her an impossible situation. Her volunteer counselor was easily able to empathize with her as 25 years prior she’d found herself in a very similar situation. She shared with Ronnie how frightened she was, but how thankful she was that she’d had her baby who is now a wonderful young woman, married with two children of her own. Ronnie left the center terribly disheartened with a positive test result. Although several attempts were made to contact Ronnie, she never responded.

You can just imagine how elated the volunteers and staff were when Ronnie came in to the center months later with the ultrasound images of her new baby. She wanted to thank her peer counselor for being so open, compassionate and encouraging. “She said one thing that made all the difference in the world. It was so simple, but for me at that moment, it was profound.” “Babies don’t come tomorrow”, her counselor had shared. That simple phrase was all it took for Ronnie to go through with her pregnancy.